Our Eco commitment

Prince Albert sends off Kate n Didier on their voyage to study ocean pollution

SNB is committed to respecting the environment, conserving energy and avoiding waste wherever possible in the restaurant.

In addition to creating Monaco’s first public education event MONACOLOGY WEEK, we have worked with the Prince Albert II Foundation to educate local restaurants on how to use alternatives to the endangered red tuna and have participated in the SAIL TO BARCELONA event to raise consciousness about pollution and our oceans.

Paul Watson, SEA SHEPHERD's Eco Warrior


SNB was Monaco’s first restaurant to light its night terrace using solar panels and our staff use electrically-powered vehicles for business transport around the principality.  As a restaurant we have taken steps to become an ecologically correct business and have made efforts to educate our staff and our clients in ways that we can all reduce waste and save energy. Here’s a few of the steps:

1. Recycling of glass bottles.
2. Recycling of paper
3. Recycling of batteries
4. Recycling of print cartridges
5. Stopped use of helium for the inflation of balloons.
6. Partnership with ECOSYS for our Boutique and for children’s gifts
7. Installation of regulator of debit side of water on our taps.
8. Created a new table “set up” which reduces wasteful rewashing of unused glasses.
9. Increased staff awareness through regular communication of energy saving ideas
10. Increased customers awareness through internally broadcast messages on our plasma screens plus eco messages on our menus
11. Creation and participation in Monacology.
12. A better control of use of electricity in the restaurant (turning off video games every evening at the closure of the bar, regulation of heating and lighting).
13. Reuse of office paper, printed order tickets and printed customer bills.
14.Surveillance of air-conditioning to make energy savings.
15. Use of tissue dish cloths instead of absorbent paper to wash tables.

Monaco: Eco Leader http://www.dailymotion.com/videoxduwxz